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Biosoil, Mulch, Compost & Topsoil


The H&K Group offers manufactured soils, biosoil mixtures and compost through our subsidiary company, American Biosoils & Compost (ABC).  ABC was created in 2010 with the intent of diverting organic wastes from landfills.  ABC accepts a variety of organic wastes including yard waste, food waste, manure and biomass and then combines these materials with fine aggregate, mulch and other materials to produce biosoils, compost, mulch and organic garden soils for a higher and best use.   ABC’s materials are also eligible for Leeds Credits. 

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The H&K Group also offers premium mulch products through our affiliate, Frontier Mulch Products (Frontier).    Frontier is a wholesale provider of Premium Black Dyed Mulch, Premium Brown Dyed Mulch, Premium Red Dyed Mulch and Premium Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch.  Frontier is also a wholesale supplier of rock salt and other de-icing products.

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