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Introducing Atlantic American Precast! 

In mid-2020, H&K Group, Inc. (H&K) formed Atlantic American Precast (AAP) to produce specialized precast concrete earth retention structures for the heavy civil infrastructure sector. This venture embodies our strong, 20-year working relationship with Earth Wall Products, who is an industry leader in development of both mechanically and gravity stabilized earth walls for Departments of Transportation, Industrial, Commercial and Residential applications. 

From its brand new, 18,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Douglassville, PA (which is nearing completion within H&K’s Trap Rock Business Center complex) AAP will produce both Gravix and Forix precast concrete gravity wall systems, which are licensed exclusively through Earth Wall Products. The AAP facility is situated on a 10-acre parcel and will feature a dedicated on-site batch plant with planned staging and storage yard areas. 

H&K’s AAP facility is projected to be operational by mid-November, with National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) Certification to be achieved by mid-December and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Certification to follow shortly thereafter. 

AAP’s standalone website is currently under construction.

Anyone seeking to understand more about the engineering and construction advantages of these remarkable products, is encouraged to connect with AAP at 1-833-681-1571 or