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Windsor Service Celebrates 90th Year

Windsor Service Celebrates 90th Year 2008 marks the 90th anniversary of Windsor Service, a feat that is rarely accomplished and one that speaks to the integrity and sound business practices that Windsor has employed over the years. Today Windsor Service is one of the premier paving and site construction companies on the east coast, but like every large company of today, they grew from humble beginnings.

Windsor Service was founded in 1918 by Jacob H. Walborn of Reading, PA. At that time Jacob had purchased a single truck to spread oil over stone during road construction. It was also used to lay oil on the dirt roads to control dust for the City of Reading. From here Windsor advanced into “tar and chip” paving, which eventually lead to Windsor’s introduction into asphalt paving.

Over the coming years, Windsor grew rapidly and further vertically integrated, their portfolio of services. The company owned one quarry, eight asphalt batch plants, and four emulsified asphalt manufacturing plants. The emulsified asphalt plant operations eventually resulted in Windsor becoming one of the founding members of the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association, which is still an active organization today focusing on the construction and preservation of the worlds infrastructure.

Windsor was quickly becoming one of the most highly regarded and largest paving contractors in Pennsylvania. With an impressive fleet of 40 tanker trucks, 35 tri-axles, and 3 low-beds, along with 21 prep, paving, and oil and chip crews and a total of approximately 400 employees, they were well-equipped to take on any project. Business was booming, and because of Windsor’s diversified capabilities in both the residential and commercial sectors, they could take on anything from a private driveway to interstates. Specialty crews were also available for projects such as tennis courts and running tracks. Paving jobs were performed in southeastern, northern, and central Pennsylvania, as well as New Jersey, Maryland, and New York.

But, in the 1980s, business became sluggish due to heavy government regulation and new pricing laws. Towards the end of the decade, the third generation of owners decided to split the company into “materials” and “construction” sectors. The materials sector has since been sold and has changed hands several times over. The construction sector is what remains of Windsor today. Eventually, due to further financial difficulties, the company was sold to Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc. in November of 1996.

Over the years Windsor has shown an unrelenting sense of pride and confidence in their work, which has led to numerous awards and accolades. Some noteworthy awards are: “Outstanding Hot-Mix Special Project Award” by the National Asphalt Pavement Association for their Nazareth Speedway job (1988) and “Quality in Construction Award” for their work on Route 176 and Route 183.

Thank you to Windsor’s employees for continuing to make it a thriving and integral part of The H&K
Group Family of Companies. Your pride and dedication is apparent in the great work you do, and we look forward to many more years of greatness from Windsor Servic.e