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Two H&K Group Divisions Combine Forces In Recent Merger

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two H&K Group Divisions Combine Forces In Recent Merger Effective on Monday, June 18, 2012, Chester County Site Contractors (CCSC), The H&K Group’s Glenmoore, PA-based site contracting division, will be merging into Reading Site Contractors (RSC), The H&K Group’s site contracting division located in Sanatoga, PA.

The merger is an effort to combine resources and make one larger, more efficient site contracting division. CCSC, which has been in operation since 2006, will be relocating all employees and resources from its current location into RSC’s current location; a transition that has been in progress for several weeks. All functions, including management, estimating, cost reporting, time keeping, etc. will now be handled out of RSC. Any current or ongoing projects will be completed by CCSC but no future projects will commence under CCSC’s name. Jim Silvius will take on the Lead Estimator position at RSC, while Mike Mast will remain General Superintendent and Neal Rotenberger as Regional Superintendent.

The merger of CCSC with RSC is a step to increase corporate efficiency, eliminate existing coverage overlap and in the end will provide our customers with better service and reduce costs. “The result of this restructuring is to help build more of a team atmosphere and create a better unit, with the same or possibly even a larger coverage area,” said Regional Business Manager Troy Shelly.

Any questions regarding this merge should be directed to Troy Shelly or Neal Rotenberger. Troy can be reached by phone at (610) 476-1762, or by email at Neal can be reached at (610) 636-6291 or at

RSC is a proud member of The H&K Group Family of Companies. Founded in 1998, RSC has been proudly providing full-service site contracting including bridge and heavy highway construction, paving and milling, demolition and utilities installation to Berks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties.