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The H&K Group Ranked 21st Crushed Stone Producer Nationally.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The H&K Group Ranked 21st Crushed Stone Producer Nationally.

Rock Products reports that The H&K Group ranks 21st on The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) list of the top 100 crushed stone producers in the country. The USGS prepares a list of the top crushed stone producers in terms of tonnage produced annually. This designation continues The H&K Group’s ranking as a Top 25 crushed stone producer, as it ranked 21st and 23rd nationally in 2010 and 2009 respectively.

The USGS report also reveals that The H&K Group was the third largest crushed stone producer headquartered in the state of Pennsylvania, which ranks only behind Texas for crushed stone output nationwide. Additionally, Pennsylvania continued to rank as the foremost state for the production of sandstone and quartzite, with The H&K Group as the third largest producer nationwide. Sandstone and quartzite are often used as railroad ballast and decorative stone as well as a construction aggregate.

The H&K Group operates over 30 crushed stone quarries with locations across Pennsylvania, as well as railroad offload stone facilities and sand and gravel pits in New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. The crushed stone aggregate products produced are used in many differing construction projects; from commercial applications including: roads, highways, buildings and bridges to residential applications including: driveways, pathways, shed and patio foundations and more. The H&K Group utilizes an expansive fleet of tri-axle haul trucks, a dedicated fleet of interstate haul truck and trailers, Stone Express, and railroad delivery, to deliver bulk crushed stone and railroad ballast throughout the Mid-Atlantic region at highly competitive rates. To find the H&K Group location nearest you use the locator on the company website at

The H&K Group also sells the most aesthetically desirable stone it quarries such as granites, micas, quartzite and argillites via its decorative stone product line. Crushed stone, flagstone, wall stone, pier caps, and steps are available for wholesale purchase through the company’s Architectural Stone division. The specialty product thin stone veneer is available from the company’s Pinnacle Stone Products partnership. Thin stone veneer creates the appearance of traditional stone masonry, but is cut thin to improve the installation and application processes, while also increasing cost efficiency.

For more information on the national rank of all stone producers, please visit, and search for The Rock 100. For further information on The USGS, or to access their collection of crushed stone statistics and information, visit

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