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Shiloh Road Relocation Project Wins Berks County Conservation District Award

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shiloh Road Relocation Project Wins Berks County Conservation District Award The Shiloh Road Relocation Project located in Morgantown, Berks County, PA won the Erosion Control Project of the Year award presented by the Berks County Conservation District. Representatives from Conestoga Landfill, Republic Services, Taylor Environmental Group Inc., Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc., and Traffic Planning & Design were on-hand to except the award for joint effort.

The project came about as the Conestoga Landfill faced diminishing disposal space and encountered the need to expand in order to continue accepting waste material. Because of Shiloh Road’s location relative to the property and proposed expansion, relocation of an approximate one-mile portion of the road was required. Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc., a member of The H&K Group family of companies, was contracted to lead in the construction of the new roadway, as well as execute a comprehensive erosion and sedimentation (E&S) plan including four infiltration basins, grass-lined swales, and underground stormwater basins. These efforts resulted in the effective elimination of stormwater during and after several heavy rainstorms since the project’s completion.

The Shiloh Road Relocation Project was awarded out of about 5 sites nominated primarily due to the expert execution of the comprehensive E&S plan. Berks County Conservation District E&S Technician Eric Konzelmann stated, “The recognition came mostly due to the fact that they were very timely with their stabilization (getting grass to grow) and implementing the proper erosion control measures; their infiltration basins were put in correctly and they worked from the beginning.” He noted that he has seen a tremendous degree of problems with infiltration basins in the past, but none of those issues on this project.

Additionally, Konzelmann pointed out the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Best Management Practices (BMPs) that were implemented on the Shiloh Road Project as a key to it receiving the award. “We felt that the Shiloh Road Project deserved the award based on the scope of the project as well as the fact that it didn’t have any documented pollution events and that the stormwater BMPs were installed correctly. They did it right the first time.”

Another highlight of the project was the speed in which it was completed. Conestoga Landfill General Manager, Tim O’Donnell, noted, “The most unique thing from my perspective was the very rapid timeframe for that project. It was the perfect combination of public and private partnerships and it was the first time, as far as I know, that our host community, as well as our neighboring community and the landfill joined together in a three way agreement that benefited everybody. We are really proud of that.”

Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc., located in Blooming Glen, PA is a trusted member of The H&K Group Family of Companies and has been providing the Bucks/Montgomery county region with full-service site contracting, including excavating, paving, demolition, underground utilities and more, since 1971. For more information on Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc., or The H&K Group please visit