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Recent Updates for The Preserve at Historic Cornwall Village

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recent Updates for The Preserve at Historic Cornwall Village 1. PennDOT has approved the Traffic Impact Study
2. T P & D, our traffic consultant, has completed the plans for the entrance off Route 322, and has submitted the application for a Highway Occupancy Permit on behalf of Haines & Kibblehouse.
3. Plans for the entrance design are continuing to evolve and O'Brien Architects Inc. should have preliminary plans and sketches to us for review by mid May.
4. Our Forest Management consultant has been busy mapping areas that are considered to be woodlands and doing a tree survey for our edification in meeting the Borough's Mixed Use Development Ordinance.
5. Earth Engineering Inc. has almost completed the preliminary phase of their geotechnical investigation and is looking to begin supplemental studies on the Phase 1 section of the site, located in the triangle portion of the development right off the main entrance from Route 322.
6. Plans for the distribution of municipal services throughout the site are continuing and the first draft of the plan is nearing completion.