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Haines & Kibblehouse Inc. to show off new engineering building

Monday, May 2, 2005

Haines & Kibblehouse  Inc. to show off new engineering building On Wednesday evening, May 5, 2005 company officials will be on hand to open the doors and formally present their new Engineering & Environmental Services Division building situated at 2094 Lucon Road in Skippack, Pennsylvania. This new building will house corporate engineering and technical staff that provide support to Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.’s (H&K, Inc.’s) construction materials division, construction-based services, and civil/environmental engineering needs within the four-state area. H&K, Inc. expects upwards of three hundred business clients, colleagues, as well as local municipal and political officials to attend and share in an evening of social engagement.

This newly completed hand crafted building has been erected within the footprint of an historic eighteenth century barn that previously existed on the H&K, Inc. property and was once part of the Grater Farm Estate. To keep the classic image of this Lucon Road landmark intact, architects and craftsmen labored to incorporate original materials and design elements of this historic barn into the state-of-the-art office that has been erected in its place. Hand-laid red and gray stonework and ramped center floor main entrance enhance the exterior of this classic eighteenth century barn-style structure. Within this new building, corporate engineering and environmental staff will work in an open post and beam-style modern office setting that is unique to the region. A photograph of the exterior of this new building has been attached for reference.

The H&K Group, Engineering & Environmental Services Division is part of The H&K Group family of vertically integrated companies with 63 operations from 53 locations throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. Visit The H&K Group on the web at .