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H&K Receives Hands-On Caterpillar F-Model Paver Maintenance Training

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

H&K Receives Hands-On Caterpillar F-Model Paver Maintenance Training

A four-day, on-site maintenance training course was provided last week by Caterpillar (CAT®) Paving Products, Inc. at H&K Group, Inc.’s (H&K’s) Corporate Campus in Skippack. This included both classroom and hands-on maintenance training for all CAT F-Models including the AP655F (8’) and AP1055F (10’) pavers. Training was provided through CAT corporate with H&K’s acquisition of four (4) new CAT AP655F Pavers and one (1) AP1055F in 2019. In attendance were eight mechanics representing each of H&K Group, Inc.’s Civil Contracting Affiliates. Ron D. Wilson, Training Supervisor with Caterpillar’s Worldwide Sales & Marketing Department out of their Earthmoving Division in Maple Grove, MN, led the training session. 

Training was set up through Wade Wetzel, Director of Maintenance at H&K to ensure that H&K Maintenance Teams were familiar with all the latest features of the brand-new pavers. Wade stressed the impact that these new, state-of-the-art F-Models will have for H&K going forward. “Paver technology has increased dramatically over the years; what once was controlled by hand levers and hydraulics, is now controlled by computers and touch screens,” explained Wade. “In order for H&K’s asphalt paving quality to remain the best in the business, our mechanics have to remain well-trained and on top of all the latest technology. CAT has given us this opportunity with amazing training and support on these new high-tech F-Model pavers.” 

The new CAT F-models feature (14) on-board computers controlling its operation and maintenance. They are built to enable quicker, quieter heating of the asphalt for maximum efficiency. This emphasis on efficient delivery was the through line during the design process of the AP655F. Features such as an auto-fill feeder system and single-touch feeder system save valuable time that enables quicker project delivery. Other updated features focus on safety, something that is always on the mind at H&K. The AP655F’s exclusive ventilation system draws fumes from the conveyor tunnel as well as the auger chamber and redirects them away from the operator for a more comfortable and healthier working environment. 

The Holt Manufacturing Company registered "Caterpillar" (CAT®) as a trademark in 1910. Over a century later, the trademark remains synonymous with the Paving industry. Their enterprise strategy focuses on solutions to help their customers build a better world. To learn more about them, please direct your browser to

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