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Chester County Site Contractors sets up shop in West Chester PA

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Chester County Site Contractors sets up shop in West Chester  PA On February 1, 2006 Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.’s (H&K, Inc.’s) latest site contracting upstart,
Chester County Site Contractors (CCSC), officially set up shop in leased space at Chester
County Airport. Established to more effectively serve rapidly expanding site development and
construction markets in the Philadelphia suburban region, CCSC is poised to carry H&K, Inc.’s
tradition of high quality site work into this exciting region.

Chester County Site Contractors will operate under the direction of Jim (“Jimmy”) Silvius, who
will brings more than thirty years of site contracting/estimating experience to this new post.
Prior to taking on this new lead position, Jimmy spent nine years with H&K, Inc. at our Skippack
location. Running ‘the field’ for CCSC will be Pat Brown. Pat brings fifteen years of
contracting experience to the table at his new post. CCSC enters the spring of 2006 with a field
crew of ten. The CCSC team will initially receive estimating support from Brian Reyner, who is
new to the industry and eager to learn from the best in the business. Jimmy, Pat and the gang
will also receive plenty of field and technical support from H&K, Inc. CCSC plans to rely
heavily upon Pyramid Materials for their construction materials quotes.

CCSC enters the spring of 2006 with eight jobs on the books valued at better than $5 Million in
total. As 2006 progresses, CCSC is sure to bank additional work for the upcoming year and
beyond, and expect tremendous success to come from our newest H&K Group™ Family
Company based in Chester County, PA. Good Luck Guys!